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Phonics Course eBook

The Practice Reading and Speaking phonics course is a 178 page eBook (PRS eBook). It teaches phonics, reading and writing to children and adults It is unique in that it’s possible to teach reading until the pupil reaches a fluent adult reading age. Practice Reading and Speaking gives examples of over 1,000 different ways to spell the sounds heard in English. The course itself is divided into 70 modules and is found in pages 4-73. The rest of the eBook contains teaching notes, assessments and teaching support materials.

Practice Reading and Speaking  can be used to teach basic English by means of the English Simplified chapter. The eBook contains a condensed outline of spelling rules, punctuation rules, syllable division and sentence structure. It even contains public speaking tips for older students.

Using the eBook on a computer, tablet or phone allows the teacher to enlarge the text so that the student can focus on a single word or group of words. Teaching without distractions is a highly effective teaching method.

Its precision and simplicity allows it to be used for remedial teaching and to help dyslexic students learn to read. It also helps students whose first language is not English to get to grips with English pronunciation. This course is all inclusive for all abilities, languages and ages. The course is simple enough for teaching assistants or parents to  help individual students to improve their reading ability.

Phonics Dictionary & Permissions

This eBook can also be used as a phonic dictionary or as a classroom support resource when listening to a child read.  (Permission to print it for personal or classroom use is included in the purchase.) It’s also possible to use the Practice Reading and Speaking English PDF on any device that contains a PDF reader. This makes the book instantly searchable.

British Accent Training

This phonics course will help those whose first language is NOT English to speak with a perfect British English accent. Included are hints and tips on how to  speak every word  with a British English accent. For children at schools in an English speaking country whose first language is not English, this eBook will help them to improve their spoken English.

By studying how English words are broken down into chunks of sound, you are categorising and practising the sounds heard in English. Targeted accent practice, practising a single sound in many different ways is an effective way to be more clearly understood.

Practice Reading and Speaking English also contains themed vocabulary usually learned by ESL/EFL students. For example, sport, travel, time, etc. Additionally it contains up-to-date technology words and some medical terminology.

Preview Practice Reading & Speaking for free

Preview PRS the phonics eBook for free (Practice Reading and Speaking English)  Look inside this amazing phonics, British accent and English course. The preview contains the following:

  • Front and back cover of the book
  • Contents page
  • Introduction
  • Take a closer look (an explanation of how the course works)
  • Module 21 (a sample page)
  • How to set the assessments
  • Reading Assessment B
  • The progress record (an overview of the whole course)

Why Buy THIS Phonics Course?

You will find that this course will extend your knowledge and understanding of phonics. It includes graphemes not included in other courses. It will help non-English students with spoken English. There is more depth of knowledge in this one eBook than you could hope to find in attending a one-off phonics training course. The ability to read any word in English is condensed into just 70 Modules (A4 pages). This course can be taught as quickly as the retention of the students allows. By the end of Module 39,  students will have had a thorough grounding in reading. This is only possible because of 10 years of close observation and study of the use of the English language. By the end of the course, the student should have a clear understanding of how words work and be able to read any English word, even though they may not have heard the word spoken before.

The words have been organised with the students ease of understanding in mind. Eg. The well accepted Alpha to Omega phonics course (third edition) contains a group of words spelt ‘ei’ saying ‘ay’. The words sovereign and foreign have surprisingly been included alongside eight and reign even though they both have different pronunciations. (NO part of these words says ‘ay’. In Practice Reading & Speaking, the word ‘sovereign’ is included with the ‘i’ sound ‘eig’ saying ‘i’ as in ‘ink’.  The word ‘foreign’ is taught with the ‘er’ sound as in ‘io’ saying ‘region’. Clarity and precision with how spelling relates to sound was extremely important to the author.

After purchasing the Practice Reading and Speaking eBook, you will be given a link to a video that demonstrates the precise pronunciation of the sounds heard in English. A second group of links are to websites that will pronounce words, phrases, sentences or paragraphs in either a British English or American English accent.

After purchase you will also be emailed a 2nd copy of the eBook to use on another device. (BUY ONE GET ONE FREE)  When you buy the eBook you will find it in the downloads folder or eBook reader on your computer or device.

Contact April at the following email address if you have further questions.

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