Practice Reading and Speaking English

Practice Reading and Speaking English – Phonics  PRS eBook

Practice Reading and Speaking English is a 178 page eBook course (PRS eBook). It teaches phonics, reading, writing to children and adults It is unique in that it’s possible to teach reading until the pupil reaches a fluent adult reading age. Practice Reading and Speaking English gives practice examples of over 1,000 different ways to spell the sounds heard in English. Its precision and simplicity allows it to be used for remedial teaching and to help dyslexic students or children with a learning disability learn to read. It’s also the perfect phonics program for home-schooling.

Practice reading and Speaking English will teach EFL/ESL students who are learning the English language, to speak with a perfect British English accent. Included are hints and tips on how to  speak every word in English with a Thames Estuary or London accent. By learning the British accent at word level, you are categorising and practicing the sounds heard in English. Thereby, shortening the time it takes to speak with a perfect British English accent.

Reading and Speaking English for Teachers and Parents

Practice Reading and Speaking English can be used by teachers or parents as a complete phonics course to teach reading. It can also be used as a phonic dictionary or as a classroom support resource when listening to a child read.  (Permission to print it for personal or classroom use is included in the purchase.) It’s also possible to use the Practice Reading and Speaking English PDF on any device that contains a PDF reader. This makes the book instantly searchable.

Practice Reading and Speaking English contains assessments for before and after teaching, to ensure phonic success from pre-schoolers to adults. Practice Reading and Speaking English, teaches teachers and parents how phonics works and supports classroom or individual teaching, by means of the teaching notes and resources.

Practice Reading and Speaking English can be used to teach basic English by means of the English Simplified chapter.

Reading and Speaking English – Learn a British English Accent

Practice Reading and Speaking English can be used to refine a British English Accent. It teaches the pronunciation of a natural British Thames Estuary accent (London). This eBook gives the reader tips to practice the precise pronunciation of over 10,000 English words. It can be used to expand the reader’s vocabulary. It teaches spelling and writing in order to improve written English and lead to better Job prospects. Practice Reading and Speaking English also contains themed vocabulary usually learned by ESL/EFL students. For example, sport, travel, time, etc. Additionally it contains up-to-date technology words and some medical terminology.

Reading and Speaking English eBook Support

After purchasing the Practice Reading and Speaking English eBook you will be given links to websites that help you to pronounce the letters of the alphabet precisely and allow you to listen to words and phrases from the eBook to give extra support if needed. With the use of this eBook and pronunciation websites, you’ll have all you need to achieve a perfect British accent and improve your English. As a bonus, the author of the eBook will answer your queries by means of the contact email address on this website.

Preview PRS for free

Preview PRS the phonics eBook for free (Practice Reading and Speaking English)  Look inside this amazing phonics, British accent and English course. The preview contains the following:

  • Front and back cover of the book
  • Contents page
  • Introduction
  • Take a closer look (an explanation of how the course works)
  • Module 21 (a sample page)
  • How to set the assessments
  • Reading Assessment B
  • The progress record (an overview of the whole course)