How to Teach Reading

How to Teach Reading – Understand Phonics

How to Teach Reading

How to teach reading and phonics to any age or ability is necessary in order to teach reading proficiently. This simple eBook phonics course ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’ gives you information on how to teach reading to your child in a way that both of you will enjoy. By learning how to teach reading you are giving your child the skills that they need to work out, segment or decode any word independently. This means that there will be no bars to your child developing an adult reading age quickly. Reading comprehension is enhanced because your child is not concentrating on how to read but the meaning of what they are reading. Preview the eBook here.

If as a parent you want to learn how to teach reading to children and need an easy to understand guide book, keep reading. You will find on this website an eBook phonic course that works. It’s called ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’. It will help you learn how to teach reading by sticking to the facts, teaching in an ordered and structured way and keeping your explanations simple. As you learn how to teach reading it will become clear how the process of learning to read works. You will be able to pass on the facts of how to read well in order to help your child obtain an adult reading age. The book will also help you improve their spelling, writing and support your child with English homework. In short, this is a remarkable book written by a mum who put a great deal of time and effort in learning how to teach reading. Along the way, she invented new methods of teaching to accommodate her children’s very different personalities and abilities.

‘Practice Reading and Speaking’ teaches parents how to teach reading in a way that will set their child up for life. Reminders of punctuation, how to write, how to improve comprehension, creative writing and other basic literacy skills are all included. You will learn how to teach reading to children by means of a  structured phonics course that starts with learning the alphabet and ends with them being able to read any word they come across. By the end of the course, with the effort that you have put in to learning how to teach reading and plenty of reading practice by your child, your child could have an adult reading age. With this eBook you can learn how to teach reading to children in a way that will help them understand phonics more efficiently. When you listen to your child read and notice mistakes, the eBook will give you further examples of practice words containing the same spelling pattern. As you learn how to teach reading you’ll be able to fill in the gaps in your child’s phonic knowledge. How to teach reading to children is simple when you know how. You will also be able to test your child’s reading in order to discover what they don’t yet know. A free preview of the contents of the eBook can be found at the bottom of this page.

Many nursery school teachers understand the basics of how to teach reading to pre-school children.  Imaginative and engaging ways to teach reading to kids are necessary to hold their interest. Whilst some children have an innate desire to learn, others need encouragement to learn how to read. Learning how to teach reading needs to include a variety of teaching skills in order to succeed. This is consistently true with a disinterested or hyperactive child (where concentration is a problem). You’ll find a helpful guide in ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’ on how to increase your toddlers perception in readiness for reading.

Sometimes, parents own fear of teachers has prevented them from learning how to teach reading to their children. They’re scared to get it wrong and make it harder for their children to learn to read. You won’t rock the boat if you do your homework. If you have helped your child learn to speak, you can surely learn how to teach reading and make a good job of it. All you need is the right information on how to teach reading to children.

How to Teach Reading – Your Questions Answered

Mums, who search for greater knowledge on how to teach reading to their child, will often start with regular visits to the library or book shops looking for inspiration on how to encourage a love of books and a love of reading in their child. Children soon begin to enjoy being read to and start to pretend read. It’s usually at this stage that parents begin to wonder how they can teach reading to their children and teach them to read fluently. You may have lots of questions in your mind about how to teach reading. However, the best way to learn how to teach reading to kids is to do it. First get answers to your questions. The eBook ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’ will answer all of the questions below.

  • How do I teach reading to my child?
  • Should I leave the teaching of reading to the teachers?
  • If I teach reading differently to the way they teach it at school, will my child find it harder to learn to read?
  • What does my child need to know first?
  • How do you pronounce the letter sounds precisely?
  • What should I teach after the letter sounds?
  • Will the effort that I put into teaching my child to read make a difference or will they learn to read anyway?

How Do Children Learn to Read?

To answer these questions briefly, children learn to read using two methods. First, they learn whole words and recognize them as an image. Secondly, they learn the sounds of letters and how spelling relates to the sounds that we hear in English. To help your child start reading, you will need to learn the usual developmental stages in learning how to read. You don’t have to have a degree to learn how to teach reading to children. You just need a book that explains how to teach reading to children in a way that all parents can understand. By becoming involved with your child’s learning, you could accelerate their progress way beyond what is usually expected of them. The usual steps involved in teaching reading to children can be found on this website. Ten easy steps that ‘Help with Reading’ development have been included in the eBook ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’.

Teachers who teach reading in schools or Parents, who teach reading at home won’t need any other books to teach reading to children if they own a copy of this one. It was written by a parent whilst she taught her youngest hyperactive child to read. Whenever she was teaching reading and noticed that her son found a principle hard to grasp, she tried various solutions. Everything that worked, is in the eBook  ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’. She included too everything her child needed to know to about basic English in order to reach the highest levels in English at the age of eleven in a  primary school in London. Her hard work was worth it. She really enjoyed her journey in learning how to teach reading and wants the book to be available to other parents and teachers, so that it doesn’t take them years to learn how to teach reading to a child of any ability. She used the book to teach reading to many other children and adults, including dyslexics. Also, assisting many to achieve the highest grades at Key Stage Two and pass Private school entrance exams.

As a PDF, the eBook will work on any computer, device or phone with a PDF reader on it. It will help you learn how to teach reading to children, how phonics works and how to help your child achieve an adult reading age. With this book you can also teach spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, creative writing and basic English as taught in schools. It will increase your child’s vocabulary and support your them throughout their school life. It makes a sound investment for any family. Preview the eBook here.  Buy it here

Teach Reading to Children – Pass the Phonics Screening Test

With the eBook sold on this website, it’s possible to help your child pass the phonics screening test in the UK with flying colours. The earlier you start to teach reading to children the better. Your child will need to know all of the basic spelling patterns, what they look like and the options that we have for sounding them out. To pass the test, they will need to be able to work out words by sounds that are not real words. They will only be able to do this if they are aware of the different options for sounding out chunks of letters.

The eBook Practice Reading and Speaking, sold on this website, will ensure that your child’s reading progresses in leaps and bounds. The explanations are easy. Every word in the book has been categorized by difficulty, by sound then spelling. You will be able to see at a glance how every word is split into segments and each segment sounded out. You can then pass this knowledge on to your child. With the control and knowledge of how to teach reading in your hands, you will have the ability to judge what your child is capable of learning and when they are ready to learn something new. Your child’s teacher’s input will become a bonus. The groundwork in learning how to teach reading at your child’s pace is up to you.

You will need to buy the book, learn how phonics works and the order that it is usually taught in. Test your child when you get the book. Use the assessment tests in the book to find out what they currently know about phonics and reading. Next, build on their current knowledge of the sounds in words by teaching them what they need to know next. With the book you can teach reading to children from scratch assuming your child has no knowledge of letter sounds. You can continue to teach reading until your child has an adult reading age. This is a really enjoyable activity and also very rewarding.

It’s possible with this book for your child’s reading to be accelerated way beyond their actual age. If you have learned how to teach reading and begin teaching your child to read a year before they start school, by the time they go to school they will have the knowledge of a child who already has had a year at school. By nine years old, they could well have an adult reading age. If they can read fluently by the age of nine, then the tests that they have before changing schools will be so much easier.

How to Teach Reading – Turn Speech into Writing

When you teach reading to Children, teach them that the facts about reading speak for themselves. Writing is just speech written down. If it can be said, it can be written. However, words contain a variety of spelling patterns because of the history of words and their integration into the English language. Children need to learn that there is a  relationship between sounds and spelling (phonemes-graphemes) as early as possible. The ten steps to teach reading found in this website will help you learn the usual order in which children acquire reading skills.

Teach your Child to Speak Clearly

A child who can speak and enunciate sounds well, can learn to relate the sounds in a word to how sounds look when written down. They will learn how to read by imitation, repetition and understanding. As a parent, when you teach reading to kids, your child’s comprehension of phonics will develop progressively. Your ability to understand how to teach reading well and how to teach phonics clearly and precisely will grow. If you are able, try to correct the errors in your own speech so that your child learns from you. E.g. say ‘thumb’ not ‘fum’ ‘think’ not ‘fink’. Clear speech is important when you teach reading to kids. It will make it easier for them to learn how reading works.

Teach Reading with Crystal Clear Explanations

Once a parents eyes are opened to the facts about how to teach phonics and teach reading to kids and they have that Eureka moment when they understand how reading works, they can go on to teach reading clearly and effectively. Parents need precise information and resources that explain how to teach phonics simply. A parents questions about how to teach reading need to be answered in a crystal clear way. Whilst simply supporting what a child is learning in school is one option, a parent who is well aware of their child’s individual abilities, can go on to help kids make consistent and accelerated progress. The book ‘Practice Reading and Speaking‘ will guide you through the process of how to teach reading to children and can be used with your child. See a preview of Practice Reading and Speaking.


How to Teach Reading in a Structured Way

In order to learn how to  teach reading and phonics effectively, parents need guidelines as to the general order in which a child usually accumulates phonic decoding skills. This order has been refined over many years by observing what children are able to absorb in the early stages. The order in which to teach reading and teach phonics is generally much simpler than parents might have imagined. Frequency of use in the English language and level of difficulty, often dictates how early a child needs to learn the concept. The general rule of thumb is teach simple phonic principles first. Start with the alphabet sounds. As you learn how to teach reading in a structured way, you will understand perhaps for the first time the process that you went through as your reading ability developed.

How to Teach Reading isn’t Rocket Science

For a simple explanation of how to teach reading you need a book that will explain the process of how reading works. Also you will need to know the methods that efficient readers use to read unknown words. You will become your child’s teacher. How to teach reading isn’t rocket science. You can already read. You just need to learn how to teach reading and explain it to your child. If you’re one of the many parents who has been resisting learning how to teach reading to children because you’re unsure of the right way to pronounce the letter sounds, we can help, buy the PDF eBook and how to teach reading will become clear. You will be helping not hindering your child’s progress as you learn how to teach reading to a high standard. It’s a promise.



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