Adult Literacy Stories

Adult Literacy Stories

Adult literacy stories need to be enjoyable to read, interesting, informative and humorous. The following easy reading, graded story demonstrates the natural language and humour in PRS Phonic Stories for adults. Adults who find reading hard will enjoy reading these graded stories. Reading fluency develops naturally throughout the stories as they slowly include more graphemes.  Whilst the stories have been written for adult learners, they do not contain sexual themes or curse words. That makes them suitable for children to read too.

The story seen here is the eighth story in the above eBook. (There are 47 stories for adult literacy students contained in this eBook.) ‘The Back Pack’ story follows the teaching of CVC words and double letters.  Before reading this story, the reader will have been taught all the graphemes up to and including Module 13 in Practice Reading & Speaking .(Consonants, Short Vowel Sounds and Double Letters)

High frequency words used are demonstrated phonically in the ‘Crack the Code’ page at the end of the eBook. The stories develop in complexity and become more descriptive and detailed as reading ability improves with the Practice Reading & Speaking phonics course.

Here is one of the stories for adult literacy taken from PRS Phonic Stories for adults. The purpose of this story is to practice the reading of ‘ck and ‘qu’.

THE BACK PACK     ck, qu

Jack had a back pack for running that sucked. It was so big, a big rock fit in it. “It was eleven quid,” he said. Becky ticked him off. “It was a rip off.  You said you would get a little ruck sack!” Jack ran to get fit. Becky ran as well. Jack and Becky had met jogging.

Jack’s back pack had a filled bottle. Becky had packed a duck clock in his bag. She had set it. As they ran, the duck quacked and shocked Jack. Becky quickly ran off. She was lucky. Happily, Jack said it was funny. She was banned from packing his bag. She kissed him and said sorry but she was still grinning.

PRS Phonic Stories for Adult Literacy – The Characters

The stories for adult literacy in this eBook are either non-fiction or fiction. The characters Jack and Becky have been included in other stories in this eBook too. Readers will gradually get to know the characters in these stories for adult literacy students. In the story that covers Module 31, the reader will discover Jack’s profession and more about his relationship with Becky. (The stories do not contain subjects that are unsuitable for children.)