PRS Student Guide


Description of the PRS Student Guide

The Practice Reading and Speaking Student Guide eBook contains just the Phonics Course  WITHOUT all of the teaching notes and assessments. It includes an introduction and a single page explanation of how the course works. Following the 70 lessons is the self-correction bookmark demonstrating the options available for sounding out each word. Included too is the Progress Record to help students keep track of their progress through the course. Lastly, the sound index helps the student track a phoneme through its different levels of difficulty throughout the course. Eg. ‘ar’ is taught in lessons 1,30,47 and 62.

The Student Guide – A Reading Guide for Children

Help children develop reading fluency independently. The PRS Student Guide can be used by parents to help their child practice reading in a more structured and phoneme targeted way. When beginning to teach reading, watch, listen and practice the sounds in the video link you will be given on purchase of the Practice Reading & Speaking full phonics course. This is the ideal starting point for learning the sounds heard in the English language. When your child has memorised all of the letter sounds, they can then use the Student Guide to practice reading.

Teachers – How to Make the Best use of the Student Guide

Test each child using the assessments in the full course to determine which module they need to begin at. Set the module as reading practice for their own personal homework. When they tell you they can now read the words in that module, re-test with the module assessment. If the child is now fluent with the phoneme/graphemes taught in the module, they can move on to the next module. The student guide without the teaching notes can be kept on class computers so that children can use it to develop reading skills. Parents, teaching assistants, or fluent readers in the school can help children to accelerate their reading progress.  You could keep a class record of which module each pupil is on. Children will then be motivated to reach the next level. Keeping a precise phonic record in this way, helps you keep track of what the student finds difficult.

For a complete suite of eBooks for teaching adults to read, why not buy all three eBooks: The Practice Reading & Speaking Phonics Course, the Student Guide and the Phonic Stories eBook.

If you are a teacher and would like all of your students to have their own copy of the PRS student guide, email the website for a multiple copy discount at a reduced price. (You will be sent a voucher code.) If you wish, this code could be given to parents so that they can purchase the Student Guide independently to use at home .