Improve Spelling

Improve Spelling – Correct Common Errors in Spelling

If you are concerned about how your child can improve spelling for the new spelling test this year in the UK at age 11, here is a check list of words that can be tricky to spell. Teach and improve spelling by helping children learn to spell these difficult words. When you improve your spelling, you improve confidence in writing. Additionally, when you improve phonic strategies, it’s possible to sound out the separate syllables of the word in your head, making it easier to spell. Improve your spelling and improve your child’s spelling in this way by buying the easy to follow eBook ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’. It’s an easy way to home-school a child in reading, phonics, punctuation and creative writing as well as to improve spelling. Preview the eBook here.

Improve Spelling – Group 1

are     put     any     said     done     more     again     seem     come     sure     does     half     calm     were     move     quickly     fast     guess     could     because

Improve Spelling – Group 2

castle     fasten     multiply     started     thought     whole     aunt     worry     listen     stared     their     write     walk     great     enough     view     weight     height     quiet     people

Improve Spelling – Group 3

stayed     excited     answer     autumn     quarrel     friend     knowledge     pretty     please     cheque     recent     daughter     valuable     juice     mystery     obvious     pizza     rustle     luxury     thumb

Improve Spelling – Group 4

whine     build     circle     certain     pleasant     whisper     country     forward     naughty     biscuit     beautiful     breakfast     chief     guess     because     ordinary     island     believe     receive     receipt

Improve Spelling – Group 5

potato     nature     machine     question     doubt     comb     gnome     impossible     comfortable     flavour     gigantic     guitar     courage     queue     bury     ginger     business     wrestle     history     women

Improve Spelling – Group 6

disappear     decided     descend     bicycle     postage     choir     anxious     delicious     patient     suit     guest     failure     occur     design     draught     region     iron     mechanic     straight     immediately

Improve Spelling – Group 7

purpose     unusual     usually     excellent     except     exercise     accept     surface     generally     league     photograph     extreme     shoulder     pleasant     different     persuade     marriage     mountain     precious     disappointed

Improve Spelling – Group 8

absolutely     argument     behaviour     physical     rumour     sympathy     skilful     cupboard     hymn     miraculous     occupy     exhausted     reasonable     tongue     yolk     library     amateur     statue     sufficient     laughter

Improve Spelling – Group 9

exaggerate     committee     headache     garage     soldier     millionaire     amongst     creatures     separate     frequently     encounter     actually     niece     psychology     particularly     acceptable     rehearsal     nuisance     business     embarrassed

Improve Spelling – Group 10

injured     eventually     conscience     Christian     camouflage     catalogue     pressure     stomach     squash     especially     guarantee     permission     situated     succeed     successful     delicious     moustache     furious     frequent     forfeit

Improve Spelling – Group 11

financial     factual     beneficial     dungeon     courteous     deceive     leisure     gorgeous     counterfeit     consequence     commission     column     colleague     vicious     professional     necessary     mischievous     character     bouquet     encyclopaedia

Improve Spelling – Group 12

grammar     millennium     independent     surveillance     fulfil     misspelled     broccoli     forty     harassed     deserts     desiccated     commemorate     prejudice     barbecue     accommodation     connoisseur     noticeable     jewellery     manoeuvre     recommend

The words on this page are just a small snapshot of over 12,000 words found in the ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’ eBook.Whilst there are obviously many more words that can prove tricky to spell, the words in these lists tend to cause particular difficulty.

To improve spelling, the student needs to become familiar with writing the words. Sometimes there is an issue with double letters, especially in words that may appear to have two sets of double letters.  Another way to improve spelling is to learn the spelling rules. (They are contained in the Practice Reading and Speaking eBook.) However, the key to improving spelling is to have a complete and thorough understanding of phonics. When writing follows the reading of new words, it is more likely that a memory is made of the word. ‘Practice Reading and Speaking’ will help tremendously. At the bottom of each page is a scan reading or writing challenge.

When you improve spelling and correct common errors, confidence in writing will grow and less time will be spent looking up words in a dictionary or asking for help. Additionally, when you improve phonics and the ability to segment words ,it’s easier to recognise and improve spelling errors. Improve spelling by improving phonics to help a child to read and write confidently and independently . The eBook Practice Reading & Speaking includes a way for a child to assess their own writing. It tells them how to look for errors and improve different components of their writing.

Practice Reading and Speaking will help you as a parent to help your child improve spelling, reading, punctuation and writing. The author scoured many different lists of common errors in spelling and included them in the book to help improve spelling.  With this eBook you can also teach children how to edit and improve their creative writing and formal writing. PRS will increase your child’s vocabulary to make comprehension tests easier. It’s the perfect guide to English literacy for the family. It’s a PDF eBook that can be used on any device that contains a PDF reader. You can also print out pages. It’s the perfect way to help your child with English. Buy and get an instant download here.

The eBook also contains a simple poem that will help your child to learn parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and so on. Once memorised, your children will always have a way to remember parts of speech.

Improving spelling and reading will increase a child’s love of words, especially if you try to introduce a few new words to their vocabulary every week. If you have a love of interesting words, you will pass that on to your child. Here is the weirdest word that I have heard in a long time. It’s the name of a fish. If you’re a teacher or a parent your kids will love this word.


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