Phonics Course – Uses

PRS Phonics Course that Works – Uses

The Practice Reading and Speaking phonics course is suitable for every circumstance. It is a phonics course that works. Whether you are are a parent or a teacher who is an expert on phonics you will find this course fits your needs. Every spelling pattern is here. It teaches the facts without the clutter. Are you an Educational Psychologist, Dyslexia therapist , Remedial Teacher, Adult Literacy teacher, teacher of children under the age of 15  or  ESOL Teacher?  The Practice Reading and Speaking phonics course is suitable for every circumstance. It teaches the facts about phonics and basic English in a succinct way. If your time is limited and you don’t have the time to go into the technical details of how a new reading, English or accent training program works, this course is for you. It’s not about method. The eBook contains the facts. This website contains an outline of the contents of the course and demonstrates how to teach phonics using the PRS course. You can buy the full eBook including the teachers notes or just the course (Student Guide).  Additionally, if you are teaching reading to adults there is a graded Phonic Story eBook for adults.

Practice Reading and Speaking for Dyslexia Therapists

If you are a dyslexia therapist, you will be delighted with the precision, detail and interesting vocabulary that the Practice Reading and Speaking program contains. It was written to enhance the vocabulary of the pupil. It is a phonics course that works. Yes, there are a few non-traditional changes but these are for the purpose of enhancing learning confidence in your students. They simplify the teaching of phonics. For example:  You will no longer have to tell your pupil to just accept the spelling as irregular. Every word is explained in terms of sound and spelling. (If you can say it, it has sounds. If you can write it, the sounds can be separated.)  The student is unique, sometimes names are unique, we would never dismiss a name as being too hard to learn. Every unique spelling has its proper place in the Practice Reading and Speaking phonics course. This phonics program has been written to make phonics more logical to the student. No more puzzled faces. Wait till you see how silent ‘h’ words like ‘when’ are taught!  When something is logical and not abstract it’s easier to learn. You need a phonics course that works to enhance your students reading ability.

As an experienced dyslexia therapist, you no doubt check out new phonics courses for which spelling patterns or words are missing. You no doubt look for mistakes in the way spelling relates to how it sounds. Check out this course. You won’t find graphemes or words missing. There are no incorrectly categorised spelling patterns either. Eg. in Alpha to Omega, under the heading: Words spelt ‘ei’ saying /a/ as in eight, two words in this list do not belong. Foreign and sovereign are in the same list. With both of these words, though it is true they do contain ‘ei’,  neither sounds like ‘ay’. The way ‘eig’ sounds is different in both cases. In Practice Reading & Speaking, graphemes have been categorised with words that sound the same when pronounced. This is a phonics course that works because it is simple and teaches the facts without the clutter.

A phonics course that works should be straightforward and teachable out of the box so to speak, without having to learn systems and methods. Teach phonics and teach English alongside to support the memory of reading and spelling. When the pupil can read, being able to write can be picked up from learning the basics (which are in the course). Spelling and grammar can be learned these days by having computers correct your mistakes.

Practice Reading and Speaking for Teachers 

practice reading and speaking phonics course for teachers
Gain an in depth knowledge of phonics
  • Teach phonics clearly and effortlessly
  • Learn which phonemes/graphemes your pupil has learned so far.
  • Test before and after teaching
  • Ideas for lessons and reading games
  • Ideas for writing & boosting vocabulary
  • Teachpupils how to grade their own creative writing
  • Track reading progress as the pupil moves through the school
  • Teach reading to adult fluency levels
  • Use Practice Reading and Speaking for giving individually tutored phonic tuition.

Practice Reading and Speaking for Parents 

Practice Reading and Speaking for Parents
Teach your child to read
  • Boost your child’s reading, comprehension, vocabulary spelling and writing
  • Motivate your child to want to read
  • Give your pre-school child the perfect head start with reading
  • Teach your child how to read Medical words, Science words or Bible names
  • Learn how to teach phonics to a high standard
  • Give additional help to a child with a learning disability/dyslexia
  • Help your child pass English entrance exams with the basic English guide
  • Practice Reading and Speaking is the perfect book for home-schooling in reading, writing and basic English
  • Student guide available with just the  phonics course (no teaching notes)

Practice Reading and Speaking – ESL

Practice Reading and Speaking for accent training
Improve your accent

Practice Reading and Speaking English for Work 

practice reading and speaking for improving writing
Improve your writing
  • Fill in the gaps in your knowledge of spelling and punctuation
  • Refine your spoken English
  • Improve your written English skills for work
  • Essential tips on public speaking
  • Improve your English sentence structure and report writing
  • Learn to proofread for mistakes in writing

Practice Reading and Speaking is a comprehensive guide to the teaching of reading and Phonics. It is also an innovative English pronunciation course. By learning English pronunciation through the separation of the individual sounds heard in English, it shortens the time taken to learn how to pronounce English words perfectly.


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