Practice Reading and Speaking Phonics Course

Practice Reading and Speaking eBook

The Practice Reading and Speaking phonics course is a 178 page eBook. It teaches phonics, reading and writing to children and adults. It can also be used as an accent training course for EFL/ESL students. It is a PDF so keep it on your PC, Tablet or Phone.

All phonemes and ALL the graphemes (over 1,000) found in English spelling are contained in this course.  The course is condensed into 70 modules (A4 pages) and is found on pages 4-73 of the eBook. The eBook contains the course, resources, teaching notes, reading tests and an index containing all of the spelling patterns found in English that have more than one way of saying them.

Phonemes and their spelling patterns are divided into three levels of difficulty, then ordered from easy to complex in this course.

After purchasing this comprehensive and Complete phonics course, you will be given a link to a video that demonstrates the precise pronunciation of the sounds heard in English. A second group of links are to websites that will pronounce words, phrases, sentences or paragraphs in either a British English or American English accent.

You will be able to print pages for use with your students when assigning reading practice or setting the writing task at the end of each lesson.

For a complete suite of eBooks for teaching adults to read, why not buy all three eBooks: The Practice Reading & Speaking Phonics Course, the Student Guide and the Phonic Stories eBook.

Buy Practice Reading & Speaking Phonics Course eBook – £15