PRS Phonic Stories for Adults

Graded Easy Reading – PRS Phonic Stories for Adults

PRS Phonic Stories for Adults is a graded easy reading eBook for adults. It contains true to life, inspiring stories of fiction/non-fiction. The teaching order mirrors  the Practice Reading & Speaking Phonic Course.  The eBook starts with CVC words and covers modules ten to thirty nine in our course. We  have a free preview to download of the Index of story titles and the phonemes/graphemes covered in each story. The thirty two A4 pages contain forty seven stories, 40 to 502 words in length.Themes are true to life and inspiring. With nearly 10,000 words to read, there is plenty of text to develop a love of reading in your students.

First, teach the corresponding module in Practice Reading & Speaking. A student who has grasped your lesson’s phonic principles will then have a greater success at reading the phonic stories for adults fluently.

The graphemes covered in each story are listed before the story. At least one example of each grapheme will appear in the story. In some cases there are several examples.

The phonic stories for adults contain no more than five as yet un-decodable words per story. These words are listed in a chart called ‘Crack the Code’ The chart contains images and colour to assist the reader with word attack skills. A reading progress chart, allows the teacher to monitor how many words in each story have been read correctly.

Phonic Stories for Adults – The Characters

The phonic stories in this eBook resemble complete episodes of a ‘Soap’,  minus the cliffhangers. The stories are set in the UK. The characters are at times repeated through the stories. A chart at the back of the eBook lists the characters and the stories that they appear in. Characters are varied. There is a man who works in a car breakers, a girl who loves to cook, a kitchen fitter, a woman who is a nurse and a young man who manages to escape from a life of crime. Characters portrayed in these phonic stories for adults  provide readers with a diverse reading experience. From holidaying in the Dominican Republic to writing a hit song, starting a new business or understanding how to improve your health, there is something for everyone.

These phonic stories for adults are about believable characters and how they deal with everyday situations. At times the content will leave the student wondering if the information given is true. The reader may wonder what could go wrong with a decision the character has made?  Further research and discussion is positively encouraged.

Phonic Stories for Adults – Themes

Here are the themes covered:

work,business, music, entertainment, travel, crime, science, cooking, shopping, natural disasters, phobias, pets, sports, journalism, relationships, family life, health, lifestyle decisions.

The stories demonstrate love, hope, kindness and the ability to improve your life by being realistic, thinking positively and taking action.

Ethics, understanding and hope all have their place in PRS Phonic Stories for Adults. It’s all about enjoying what you read. When the characters, story and humour distract the reader from the stress of finding reading difficult, success isn’t far away. The Preview contains an index of the stories outlining which phonemes/graphemes are taught in each story.

Whilst the stories have been written for adult learners, they do not contain sexual themes or curse words. That makes them suitable for children to read too.

PREVIEW Phonic Stories for adults