Data & Privacy Policy

DATA AND PRIVACY POLICY  (Let’s Keep it Simple)

Your Data

As what we sell are eBooks, we only have need of your name and email address. Please be aware though that when you pay for an eBook via Paypal, they inform us via email. By default, Paypal’s emails contain the address of the buyer (just in case a physical purchase needs to be posted).

We keep emails from Paypal due to the need to perhaps answer queries at a later date. It is also proof of your purchase.

Just to let you know too that we use Google Analytics to keep track of how our website is doing.

Your Privacy

If you email us, we assume that you won’t mind if we reply to your email. We also assume that you don’t mind if we contact you via email again in the future (if we have information that you might be interested in such as a discount on something we are selling).  We promise we won’t hassle you. If you receive an email from us and you would rather we didn’t contact you, just let us know and we won’t email again.

Please be aware that we keep your emails as we value your opinions. They give us insight into how to best help our visitors. We can then tailor our website content to be of the most benefit to you.

We respect you, your data and your privacy. We would never pass your name, address, phone number (if you have given it to us) email address or emails on to a third party.